Sporthalle Waldhäuser-Ost

For Friday and Saturday night we offer the possibility to stay in the 'Sporthalle Waldhäuser-Ost'. Common bathrooms are available. You will need to bring a camping mat or an air mattress, a sleeping bag etc., as no equipment is provided.

Sporthalle Waldhäuser Ost
Berliner Ring 33
72076 Tübingen

Molecular Medicine Symposium
June 03 - 05

This is a joint event of the Student council department Molecular Medicine Tübingen “Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen e.V.” and the Medical faculty of the University Tübingen

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Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen

Silcherstraße 5
72074 Tübingen

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