The 'Bundesfachschaftentagung' is the biannual national meeting of participating student councils of Biomedical Departments. The meetings are usually combined with a Student’s Symposium.
The 'Bundesfachschaftentagung' wants to build a network between all students of Biomedical programs in order to connect and speak with one voice in decisions affecting all students, student councils, or universities.

For more information, please contact your local student council as well.

An agenda for the meeting will follow and will be made available by your local student council.

Molecular Medicine Symposium
June 03 - 05

This is a joint event of the Student council department Molecular Medicine Tübingen “Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen e.V.” and the Medical faculty of the University Tübingen

Contact information

Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen

Silcherstraße 5
72074 Tübingen

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