The general symposium registration fee is EUR 10.
This fee covers organizational costs, a bus ticket and the provided food.

Food will be provided on the following days:
Friday evening: snacks
Saturday & Sunday morning: breakfast
Saturday: lunch
Sunday: lunch (for those attending the BuFaTa)

Housing costs

The additional fee for accommodations is EUR 5 / night, whether you stay in the 'Sporthalle Waldhäuser-Ost' or with a couch surfing host. (Principle of solidarity)

(No discount for multiple days possible.)

After submitting your registration through the registration form, you will be asked via email to transfer the total fees. The final amount will depend on your requests.
Example: Symposium registration + two nights = EUR 20.00

Molecular Medicine Symposium
June 03 - 05

This is a joint event of the Student council department Molecular Medicine Tübingen “Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen e.V.” and the Medical faculty of the University Tübingen

Contact information

Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen

Silcherstraße 5
72074 Tübingen

Send an Email.