Degeneration & Regeneration...

During this year's symposium we dive into the exciting research topic of tissue engineering. Talks from invited experts in this field will cover current research on different organ systems. The program is thought to offer insights into a variety of methodological approaches and to raise interest in the potential of tissue engineering as a research model and as a possible tool against tissue degeneration.

...and beyond.

In addition to scientists' talks, the two-days program also contains joint events like a podium discussion, a 'Markt der Möglichkeiten' and a pub crawl for those who want to discover Tübingen by night.
You can find detailed information on the program via the link on the left.

Who can register?

The symposium is open to all students. You need to register via the registration form and pay the registration fee beforehand.


All talks on Saturday will be held in English. However, the language of both the podium discussion and BuFaTa will be German.

Get the whole package.

We want this experience to be as convenient as possible for you. Therefore, we provide food and accommodation during the symposium. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to buy a bus ticket for the buses in Tübingen. You will need to take the bus in order to shuttle between different event locations. Reserving your bus ticket beforehand will lower your costs.
Please specify in the registration form both whether you want to stay overnight in our provided accommodation and if you want to purchase a bus ticket.


The Bundesfachschaftentagung is independet from the symposium. But, if you come to Tübingen on Friday and Saturday why not join us on Sunday and discuss interesting topics that concern all of us! More information on BuFaTa here.

Molecular Medicine Symposium
June 03 - 05

This is a joint event of the Student council department Molecular Medicine Tübingen “Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen e.V.” and the Medical faculty of the University Tübingen

Contact information

Fachschaft Molekulare Medizin Tübingen

Silcherstraße 5
72074 Tübingen

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